What Is Diversity? 

Diversity connects us to our unique individuality – whether this is our country of birth, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, culture, physical abilities, sexual orientation, disabilities, lifestyle choices or any other aspect of our identity. We believe that diversity can strengthen the community, helping to create a more cohesive society which enables people to understand and connect to their local area and the wider world. At Sunrise, we appreciate, recognise and accept differences – valuing people for themselves, alongside celebrating our shared humanity.

When we asked what diversity means to you, our clients told us:

Every person need diversity, everyday different things to make, to listen, to practice. If everyone was the same, the life would end. Beautiful is the different people.

Everyone is accepted the way they are, everyone is different, not just about nationalities but different things people like. Include everyone from different backgrounds and cultures, not just from abroad but also within British culture as well.

To me it means everyone together, different people being together all together.