Our Aims and Mission


Sunrise is a grassroots charity promoting equality, diversity and social inclusion in rural communities in Northern Devon. We work with the community to eliminate discrimination and promote strong, positive community relations through our range of services and activities, which challenge discrimination, help change attitudes and celebrate diversity.


We want Devon to be a truly inclusive, welcoming community where individuals voices are heard and listened to, diversity is celebrated and there is equity of access to services and opportunities for all individuals with diverse identities.


Devon is predominantly a rural area, experiences of individuals with diverse identities living and working in rural areas can be markedly different to experiences of those living in cities or more urban areas. Individuals approaching Sunrise often experience significant barriers and challenges accessing services and over the last 10 years there has been an increasing need for our support services.


Sunrise staff and volunteers are knowledgeable and experienced at working with individuals with diverse identities. Our work is person centred and aims to support individuals to become empowered and have a voice within the community.

Our Values


How We Make Our Values At Sunrise Real Every Day